Team Aesthetic Educational Blog

Why Consider Advanced Dental Education?

Our society is always on the search for the latest and greatest. That includes dental care! Advanced dental education can help you become exactly what everyone is searching for. As you aim to benefit the client, you also will benefit. How? Clients are doing their... read more

A Dental Lab That’s a Cut Above

The proverbial needle in the haystack has been found and was worth the search! Dental labs may lay abundant but the dental lab of CMR stands apart in excellence. Why can this be said? >At CMR we offer the finest restorative materials to achieve beautiful long lasting... read more

The Perfect Synergy of a Top Dental Ceramist

What is the international marker for happiness? A smile! The dental ceramist, though perhaps never interacting face to face with a dentist’s patients, remains a key part in bringing about award winning smiles. How so? A perfect balance between functionality and... read more

A Ceramic Dental Lab Above-and-Beyond

It’s art! It’s advanced science! Our ceramic dental lab isn’t about creating unique ceramic lawn-gnomes, but perfect smiles! Behind every great dentist stands a skilled team of dental technicians and ceramists. Why is our lab considered the best? At our CMR dental lab... read more