CMR Dental Lab Experts – Taking “Dental Lab” to the Next Level

CMR Dental Lab Experts – Taking “Dental Lab” to the Next Level



Going above and beyond for our Doctors and their patients is not something we strive for, it’s something we require here at CMR Dental Lab. A high quality producing dental lab isn’t about creating unique ceramic pottery, but perfect smiles! Behind every outstanding dentist that we are proud to support, there is a skilled team of dental technicians and ceramists. Why is our lab considered the best? Let’s take a look:

What Makes CMR Dental Lab the Best?

We have had the privilege of hand selecting some of the most talented individuals in their field surpassing the ordinary here at our CMR dental lab. Here are just a those outstanding individuals:

  • Ceramist Matt Roberts is an accredited member of the elite American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), and as such is asked to lecture both nationally and internationally on the art of smile design and the aesthetic appeal of dental ceramics. He also facilitates advanced-level training courses and is an advocate of perfecting ceramic dental restorations by consulting with manufacturers in optimizing their ceramic system.

Headshot of Lead Ceramist Matt Roberts

  • Sandra McCafferty Cook is also an active and accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry with her ceramist work featured on three covers of the prestigious Journal, as well as many awards in Smile Gallery Competitions.

Headshot of prestigious ceramist Sandra McCafferty Cook

  • Tracy Egbert is our resident expert on all issues pertaining to implant cases and has been with our team for 22 years. His depth of knowledge in this area remains unsurpassed.

Headshot of dental Implant expert Tracy Egbert

When it comes to dental restoration, each and every one is just as unique as the patient is, that is why our dental lab approaches each case just as such. Our highly qualified team combines extensive experience with an artistic touch, and finishes it all off with unsurpassed attention to detail. Visit our official website for a gallery sampling of our inspiring ceramic dental lab work along with a comprehensive list of services provided — you won’t be disappointed!

dental lab technician working on a set of impression - CMR Dental Lab

How Do You Go The Extra Mile?

Do you still use a VCR? A walk man radio? How about an brick sized cell phone with a beautiful antenna twice the length of the phone? No? Of course not! — to do so would be a practice in the act of archaism. Dental lab education can be looked at in a very similar fashion. Dentistry as a whole is always changing as all of the doctors we work with are quite aware, and the technology and procedures of a dental lab are no exception! CMR Dental Lab takes up-to-date education very seriously!

Of course, this may be easier said than done. What it comes down to is that the training, services, product quality, and dental equipment of the past simply don’t satisfy the patient expectations of today. Nor would we want to give our patients absolutely anything less than the best we can offer. In this era of the internet, patients certainly have no lack of information to do their own research. They have a sea of helpful information pointing them in the best direction for their needs and desires. That is why here at Team Aesthetics, our world-class dental lab provides courses for dentists and ceramists that utilize the same communication techniques and aesthetic philosophy, so as to maintain a successful team atmosphere. In elevating the level of care and quality provided to patients seeking cosmetic or reconstructive treatment, it results in a win-win-win relationship for clinician, ceramist, and patient alike.

Don’t hesitate to check out our website for further information on our extensive dental lab education courses, online videos, and so much more. We love going the extra mile, because at the end of the day we love seeing the beautiful smiles from happy patients that we had the privilege to have a part in creating.

How to Choose the Right Dental Lab

How to Choose the Right Dental Lab

Choosing the right dental lab can seem like such a daunting task. When it comes to the quality of healthcare and dental care that a practice offers and guarantee’s their patients, the partnering dental lab to that practice can play a major role. Understanding what a dental lab does and setting a standard for the quality of work is crucial when choosing the right dental lab for your practice. After all, the kind of care and attention to detail that a dental lab takes will inadvertently reflect back on you, good or bad. So how should you go about choosing the right dental lab?

man sitting down at his desk researching new dental labs

Visualize The Future

Before selecting a dental lab that accommodates a practice, a practice should realistically try to visualize the future of their office and ask themselves what they are looking to improve in, how they plan to grow if so, and if this dental lab can appropriately assist in them doing so. More often than not, practices stick with their dental labs quite closely and offices should try to foresee what they want in the next few years and ask themselves if the partnering lab will allow them to get there.

Digital Friendly

After all, this is the 21st Century and when considering a dental lab whose technology you want to be cutting edge, doesn’t have an email address and a website, then you may want to choose someone else. Chances are that if they cannot be found online these days, they may not be in the dental lab business for much longer. All dental labs should be equipped with high speed internet and an email address. This is important if you need to get a hold of the laboratory after they have closed for the day. This may also be crucial if you have last minute details that you need them to be aware of regarding a case they may be in the middle of.

Women working at dental lab, sitting at computer using digital technology

All great dental labs utilize the technology at hand.

Overall Quality

Let’s face it, it is very embarrassing when you have to call a patient and reschedule their appointment because their case is not back from the lab. Sometimes patients take time off from work or hire sitters for their children so that they can make it to their appointment. Both yours and the patient’s time is extremely valuable. Every good dental lab understand this and respects it.

In the ever changing world of dental care, technology is always shifting and changing. There are many advances in dental technology these days. Cerec and Lumineers are two examples. Does the lab have the needed equipment to offer these services? Is the dental lab well trained and suitably fit to handle cases that involve newer forms of dental technology?

The amount of time that it takes for a case to leave the dental office and be returned can vary greatly. This is another great area to be considering before making a selection. What patient isn’t anxious to get their treatment completed? Sometimes cases must be delivered by a specific time in order for their insurance to pay for it. The less turnaround time required the better.

The Quality of the final product is the most important thing. If the product is not functional or esthetically pleasing, does anything else really matter? A lab should be chosen that prides itself on the quality of their work. This will also reflect positively on you, showing your patients how you also value the quality of their dental care.

Do They Have Resources for Continuing Education?

A great dental lab does more than provide a dental practice with high-quality products and services. It should also help its customers stay informed and up-to-date with dentistry techniques, processes, and advancements. When choosing a dental lab, ensure that they have the appropriate educational resources will assist your practice in growth and overall knowledge.

Dental Labs do more than simply supply a product, they should be full practice partners and those share the same core values of the practice. That is why we proudly showcase how our lab views what we do “not as a job, but as a passion“.

Dental labs really do provide a huge part in the dental treatment outcome. It will always be better to find a lab that you can work with, not just send work to. CMR Dental lab provides expertise, personal service, and unparalleled quality. Finding the perfect lab that beautifully accommodates your practice nicely may be a challenge, but not when you know what to look for. Make sure to ask the right questions and you will find a lab that will be a perfect match for you and your patient’s needs!