Milled PMMA provisional restorations can be used to test occlusal relationships and provide more esthetic and functional service for the patient. These are milled from a block of Double Cross-linked Polly Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic. The material exhibits properties similar to acrylic denture teeth. It does not have the micro porosity often found in provisionals fabricated with a powder liquid technique, so it is less prone to staining or picking up “biomass” in the mouth. This is a great way to “test drive” the design of esthetic and reconstructive cases. The digital design can be set up in a way that allows the final case to be milled from the same design as the provisionals. It is much easier to make changes in PMMA than Zirconia or LiS2.


The multi translucency block allows a nice gingival to incisal transition in the provisional restorations. If the patient doesn’t like the length or shape, the digital design can be modified and a new provisional can be re-milled. If the patient breaks a provisional, again, we simply press “re-mill”.