Global Microscopes with CMR Dental Lab – Perfection through Precision

Technicians at CMR Dental Lab know that perfecting the art of tooth restoration and aesthetics goes far beyond what is visible on the surface. The superb quality of the lab’s meticulous work is aided by using the best quality equipment, such as Global microscopes. Global microscopes are widely trusted throughout the dental community as a superior tool, and its use by CMR Dental Lab makes it evident how dedicated we are to providing exceptional services.

The value of using highly rated equipment is unmatched as flawless results guarantee client satisfaction and uphold the reputation of your practice. How is this achieved by using Global microscopes in our lab? It features increased lighting and magnification. This clearer and more magnified image ensures the most minute imperfections are discovered. As the root of the problems can now be addressed, a stronger foundation for the tooth is secured. Enhanced vision also allows for precision of application of wax and ceramics with reduced margins on the original tooth surface. More accurate color matches are also made possible. A high-resolution built-in camera makes for increased quality control as the cases can be displayed on larger screens for all the technicians to examine and discuss the best options for treatment.

The end result of such thoroughness aided by the highest quality equipment is a masterpiece of a more durable and unblemished smile for the patient. CMR Dental Lab is dedicated to providing you with the most exceptional care. Visit to learn more about our tools, techniques and technicians.

Online Dental Education – Enhance Your Practice

Dental Education on Demand, an online series of lesson plans specific to dental professionals, is a highly valuable tool offered by Team Aesthetics Education. This innovative modular video instruction walks you through the entire process, from start to finish, of various lab procedures. This well-detailed coaching using actual cases enables you to confidently practice the techniques in the lab. The lessons are recorded using a high-resolution camera mounted to a Global microscope renowned for its clarity and precision. This allows you to observe the procedure from the lab technician’s perspective as he builds actual cases. We are sure that this series of online dental education videos will be extremely helpful to your practice.

How extensive is this brilliant collaboration of experienced technicians using actual projects to guide you through online courses? Team Aesthetic offers online training videos discussing:

Online Dental Education Videos

  • Upper and Lower Restorations
  • A Full Technique of Waxing
  • Functionality in Wax
  • How to Inject Restorations in Wax
  • Incisal Techniques
  • Translucency Patterns
  • Surface Morphology
  • Exploration of Restorative Materials
  • Implant Esthetics

What is more, Team Aesthetics allows these concise courses to be viewed by as many professionals and as many times as is necessary with one downloaded purchase. This guarantees the success of your entire team and practice as all will be educated on the same techniques. Visit to embark on furthering your online dental education various courses.

Dental Laboratory Training to Meet Patient Needs

In the dental profession, our clients control our career. Satisfying patient needs is crucial to the success of our practice. Dental laboratory training offered by Team Aesthetic Education allows us to attain this objective. It allows us to meet and exceed patient expectations. How would this training lead to a more successful practice?

Dental Laboratory Training Leads to a Successful Practice

A true desire to fulfill the requests of our clients is made evident by how aware we are of all the options available to them. We are more capable of providing the highest quality services.  We are kept up to date with the latest developments in the dental field and the most effective techniques and materials. Our increased knowledge and proficiency encourages patient trust and respect and ensures their loyalty.

Team Aesthetic Education offers step by step visual programs on a variety of the most current lab procedures. It will keep you educated on the latest techniques and materials so that you can deliver better-than-anticipated results to the client. Start your journey to greater success today by exploring the exciting new options available through our dental laboratory training program.

We are confident you will find these video series just as helpful as we do. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or email if you have any questions.