The Perfect Synergy of a Top Dental Ceramist

What is the international marker for happiness? A smile! The dental ceramist, though perhaps never interacting face to face with a dentist’s patients, remains a key part in bringing about award winning smiles. How so?

A perfect balance between functionality and artistry must be found. When a request from a dentist is made for a crown, veneer, bridge, crowns over implants or dentures attached to implants, it means a dental ceramist must consider dental needs (that the final preparation is durable, the right size and shape for the patient’s mouth), balanced with aesthetic concerns. Can any dental ceramist achieve this delicate equilibrium?

It’s a daunting task for the faint of heart, as it requires painstaking work. Revered by his colleagues for his skill and artistry as a technician, plus his devotion and patience as an educator, Matthew Roberts stands above the crowd of elite. He’s one of just thirteen accredited ceramists by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, out of 6,300 members covering more than 80 countries around the globe! He is also the founder of the CMR dental lab. What should this mean to you?

Accreditation in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry involves a rigorous clinical testing process that takes years but ensures a continued commitment to stay up to date in the latest advancements in cosmetic dental techniques, materials and technology.

With our finely tuned skills at CMR, we help you deliver world-class dentistry to your patients. Learn more about our top dental ceramist and opportunities extended to you by visiting our CMR website today.

A Ceramic Dental Lab Above-and-Beyond

It’s art! It’s advanced science! Our ceramic dental lab isn’t about creating unique ceramic lawn-gnomes, but perfect smiles! Behind every great dentist stands a skilled team of dental technicians and ceramists. Why is our lab considered the best?

At our CMR dental lab you’ll find a group of individuals that have surpassed the ordinary to become extraordinary in their field.

  • Ceramist Matt Roberts is an accredited member of the elite American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), and as such is asked to lecture both nationally and internationally on the art of smile design and the aesthetic appeal of dental ceramics. He also facilitates advanced-level training courses and is an advocate of perfecting ceramic dental restorations by consulting with manufacturers in optimizing their ceramic system.
  • Sandra McCafferty Cook is also an active and accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry with her ceramist work featured on three covers of the prestigious Journal, as well as many awards in Smile Gallery Competitions.
  • Tracy Egbert is our resident expert on all issues pertaining to implant cases and has been with our team for 22 years. His depth of knowledge in this area remains unsurpassed.

Every dental restoration is as unique as the patient is, and our dental lab approaches each case as such. We bring extensive experience and consummate artistry, and most importantly, the noticeable extra details that’ll turn a successful case into one that much better!

Visit our official website for a gallery sampling of our inspiring ceramic dental lab work along with a comprehensive list of services provided — you won’t be disappointed!

A Dental Lab with a Winning Approach to Patient Smiles

Our team at CMR Dental takes the lab/clinician relationship to the next level. We believe that in order to provide patients with dynamic smiles that keep them happy long into the future, the entire dental team involved requires a healthy combination of education, communication, careful planning and execution. When your team works in conjunction with ours, you can expect that our team of professionals will:

  1. Discuss with you how to plan treatment.
  2. Provide diagnostic wax-ups.
  3. Review appropriate restorative materials along with ideal preparation design, and case sequencing.
  4. Once the patient has accepted the proposed treatment, our coordinator will work in conjunction with your dental team to pre-schedule and sequence all steps of treatment along the way.
  5. Ensure that your patient receives a skillfully crafted restoration that exceeds patient expectations in functionality and aesthetic success.

Please contact us at CMR Dental today! Our lab has premier technicians that look forward to working along with your dental team to provide patients with gorgeous, highly functional smiles that make everyone happy.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Cutting-Edge Dental Lab Education

Are you still using black and white TVs? 8-tracks? A manual typewriter that dings at the end of each line? Nope—they’re technological relics. Dental lab education is similar to that of modern technology in that it’s always changing, constantly improving, and requires diligence in order to keep up to date and in the know.

Of course, this can be easier said than done. The training, services, product quality, and dental equipment of the past simply don’t satisfy the patient expectations of today. With the advent of the internet, patients will only become more and more educated as to what options are available, and which experts are able to provide these cutting-edge treatments. Here at Team Aesthetics, our world-class dental lab provides courses for dentists and ceramists that utilize the same communication techniques and aesthetic philosophy so as to maintain a successful team atmosphere. In elevating the level of care and quality provided to patients seeking cosmetic or reconstructive treatment, it results in a win-win-win relationship for clinician, ceramist, and patient alike.

Check out our website for further information on dental lab education, including courses, videos, and even on-line training from the comfort of your own lab. Keep up to date, and continue your success in making people smile.

Locating the Elite among Dental Lab Technicians

Welcome to CMR Dental & Team Aesthetics, the home of our premier dental lab technicians. To be a successful technician requires a very special blend of science and artistic flare in skillfully creating exquisite restorations that are both functional and aesthetically attractive. We’re proud to share that we have our very own award winning “Picasso” in our office, Sandra McCafferty Cook.

Well respected by leading clinicians, Sandra has been acknowledged for her preeminent training and craftsmanship as a technician:

  • She is one of only 27 technicians accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).
  • Her work has been showcased on the cover of the highly respected Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry (a peer-reviewed journal) on three separate occasions.
  • She has won numerous awards in Smile Gallery Competitions.
  • Sandra has vast experience in educating both doctors and technicians through advanced-level courses.

We encourage you to click on the Our Team tab to learn more about the rest of our dental family here at CMR Dental & Team Aesthetics. Our team of elite dental lab technicians would be happy to utilize our skills and expertise in helping you transform your dream smile into reality.